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About the Workshop Joint Anchor step 1

The Joint Anchor Technique was developed by the Australian Chiropractor Geoff Leury.

Joint Anchor is an energetic healing method. It is based on the concept that every sustainable healing requires a self-healing process. The ability for self-healing and health maintenance is a characteristic of each or us and is self-regulating.

However, the ability to heal oneself may be partially lost, leaving the human being outside the realm of self-regulation or healing independence. Self-healing and maintaining health are no longer possible. That’s the point at which often health problems arise.

The Joint Anchor Technique helps to return to the field of healing independence. This takes place completely without contact. It is a gentle way to energetically achieve deep and lasting results.

In this basic seminar we will get to know the fundamentals of the method as well as some techniques that allow to balance the body structure in general and the joints in particular.

Time: 25-26 januari
Place: Frejgatan 32, Stockholm
Cost: 2900 kr + taxes
Open for everybody

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Emma Acquarone | Kinesiologie

I was born in 1971 in Turin (Italy) and spent my childhood and youth in Italy and Denmark. In 1997 I graduated in Environmental Engineering in Denmark. With my husband I first lived in Frankfurt, Germany, and Manchester, UK. Since 2002 we live together with our three daughters in Tübingen, Germany.

Due to health reasons, in 2000 I had my first wonderful experiences with kinesiology, which fascinated me so much that I began to study it more intensively and to attend various courses and seminars. In 2014 I completed the professional kinesiology training with a special focus on the brain and the nervous system at the IAK Forum International in Kirchzarten. Since then, I’ve been attending andvanced seminars on a regular basis to supplement my knowledge and expand my experience.

I got to know the Joint Anchor technique in 2016 in one of these seminars and was immediately fascinated by its extremely gentle character. It is extremely exciting for me to feel the energy of the client in this way and to care for the energetic balance of the human being with this graceful and modest technique.

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