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Sabine Rosén Sweden founder and CEO of Sabine Educations

Learn and know more about Sabine Rosén and her methods, the school, and her vision. Webseminars and text about.

+30.000 sessions – that is where I have collected my experience as a kinesiologist, working in my clinic since 1991. I have developed an integrative system, “Spine & Bodyflow Kinesiology” that helps my students to add in their own strengths and unique skills together with Kinesiology. My own training beside being a professional kinesiologist, is that I have 4 other health related vocational trainings: I am a massage therapist, nutritionist, herbalist and acupuncturist. I enjoy collaboration and love to see my student building their skills and also their businesses!


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Worldwide online courses

We give in depths courses to build your business and skills on your clinic even more. We want to provide ideas and services to kinesiologist practitioners that already are in the business as well for you who are longing for a meaningful and rewarding profession.

These courses aim to give you deeper knowledge about inner organ systems, both in the western physiological and also in the eastern TCM Qi level perspective. We want kinesiologists to feel “safer” by beyond having great kinesiologists’ skills also be sure to have deeper knowledge in different areas so it is easier to grow and expand the clinic. Examples of some of our favorite courses has the theme of:

  • Allergies (immune system)
  • Infertilities (hormone system)
  • Complex pain (movement system)
  • Anxiety and stress (nervous system)

We also provide inspirational and profitable mentor courses, to build the skills of running a successful kinesiology clinic.

Reducing symptoms of Allergies

DATE: Coming soon. TIME: 19 CEST. Free Webinar 2 hours. Reducing symptoms of allergies. Herbs and nutritions for the immune system.

6 Qi levels & the healing path

DATE: Coming soon. TIME: 19 CEST.  Online workshop 3 hours: QI levels & the healing path from allergies and immune disorders.

Be successful: Grow your clinic!

FREE first introduction webinar: Date coming soon. TIME: 19 CEST.

Course: Be successful- 4 topics.

Learn from Sabine -short video seminar

The school’s founder Sabine Rosén has during her more than 30 years in the profession gained a solid experience. She is a trained kinesiologist, massage therapist, acupuncturist, nutritionist and phytotherapist. In addition, she organizes conferences and international meetings between kinesiologist associations around the world as chair of the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (IASK). In addition, she has developed ”Spine-and Bodyflow Kinesiology” which combines an Eastern overall thinking with a more Western detailed knowledge.

The Kinesiology School

The Diploma in Vocational Training at Sabine Rosén Educations Kinesiology School in Stockholm, Sweden is 1.5 years long, divided into 16 courses that go through 4 modules. In total, it gives you as a student 476 teacher-led teaching hours and a lot of practical experience so that you are well prepared to go into your own professional business immediately after graduation.

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