Be sucessfull: Grow your clinic!

Date for introduction webinar: 16/9-2021.

Time: 19 CEST FREE

Leaders: Sabine Rosén SWE, Emma Acquarone, GER

4 topics appointments. Date:  21/10, 18/11, 16/12, 20/1

Time: 19 CEST.  Prize:  4 hours @ €100.00 
Leaders: Sabine Rosén SWE, Emma Acquarone, GER

Emma and Sabine tell you about their course Be Successful. (Short video, 5 min)

Be successful

  1. For you who wants to enjoy growing your business as much as you are enjoying helping your clients on their goals
  2. For you who aspires to make a difference in people’s lives and be the master of your own
  3. For you who wants to be in control of your choices and feel safe and strong by it

Emma and Sabine both have improved our business in our clinics in spite of these struggles. We are both working mothers who know what it is like to have a passion in our work in kinesiology, but also love our family and want to spend quality time at home with partner and kids.

We KNOW that working ON our business both freed out time and increased our monthly income. We just needed to find systems to continuously work on our goals.

We did it ourselves and all of it was self-taught. YOU don’t need to do that because WE are willing to share our knowledge, experience and expertise with you.

As a first step, join our free introductionary webinar:

BE SUCCESSFUL: Grow your clinic!
with Emma & Sabine
Start on 16.9.2021

Then, if you find it as brilliant as we hope, you can join a mentoring program:

We have set up a 4 Webinar series where we together with you will anaylise different aspects of this process. We will start a 4 steps journey for you and with you filled with opportunities and sharing of inspiration. You will learn tricks and techniques to start on this path to success. All this while having FUN!

Price 100 Euros for the full serie – all materials that we work with are included!

Join us on this 4 appointment Webinar journey towards becoming a successful YOU!

Four appointments:
21.10.2021 – Value words: feelings you want to transmit
18.11.2021 – How to value yourself – price setting
16.12.2021 – Work flow – what does your work entail
20.1.2022 – Horizon – work on your business, not only in your business