HeartSpeak with dr Anne M Jensen

October 19-20, 2019, we are pleased to be able to offer a two-day workshop with Dr Anne M Jensen. She will hold a workshop in HeartSpeak level 1 and 2. Below is some information about what HeartSpeak is and who Ann Jensen is in both Swedish and English.

Level 1
HeartSpeak is an exciting, new next-generation mindbody therapy, based on cutting-edge research from affective science, neuroscience and memory science. HeartSpeak offers a simple and powerful way to address stress-related conditions. It will transform your practice – and your mind!

Level 2
In HeartSpeak Level 1, you learned the basic principles of HeartSpeak – the science of HeartSpeak. Now in HeartSpeak Level 2 is where the magic happens – your magic! Using your intuition and own empathic abilities, you will make your practice your own – the art of HeartSpeak.


Saturday, October 19 at 10-19 *
Sunday, October 20, 9 am-5pm

* For those of you who are not a kinesiologist, a free introduction to muscle testing is included 8.00-9.30 so you can easily participate during the weekend.

3000 SEK + VAT per day, or 6000 SEK + VAT for both days.

The workshop is open to everyone. For those of you who are not yet kinesiologists, we will hold a one hour preparatory course on Saturday morning when we show a simple muscle test that will be used during the course.

Read more PDF:

Anne JensenWorkshop Proposal – HeartSpeak Level 1

Anne JensenWorkshop Proposal – HeartSpeak Level 2

Course and experience content HeartSpeak, short conversation between Anne and Sabine

More about how dr Anne Jensen doctorated on manual muscel testing

“Oxford University was recently involved in research into Muscle Response Testing, the primary tool of any Kinesiologist. When doctoral student Anne M Jensen first presented the results of her study on muscle response testing, the results were so impressive that the university staff didn’t believe them and made her repeat the study to replicate the results.”

Dr. Anne M Jensen

Dr Anne M Jensen is the developer of a mindbody healing technique called HeartSpeak, which she developed from 25 years of clinical practice, observation, research and common sense. She now teaches it worldwide. In addition, she has a PhD in clinical research from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. The focus of her research was on the accuracy of muscle response testing (MRT) to detect lies, and her results confirm the validity of MRT for this purpose. Her background is in psychology, chiropractic and sports performance, and she has many peer-reviewed publications in these fields. She is also a healer and maintains a private practice consulting in emotional wellness and stress reduction.

Anne M Jensen – Speaker CV

Youtube: Sabine Rosén speaks with dr Anne M Jensen

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